Monday, September 20, 2010

Mastering Karate

I have had several karate instructors throughout my karate experience but none of them have been like Master Hirokazu Kanazawa. Master Kanazawa has been a role model in my life ever since the day I met him on July 13th, 1994. I showed up at his dojo by means of an introduction from my host Japanese mother. Sensei spent over half an hour with me of his personal time after having never met me before. I know now that he is a very busy man. That half hour helped me to make a decision that has shaped my life ever since.
That is another story for this blog but I have to say that one of the greatest honors of my life so far was to be featured in my sensei's DVD production.

At the recording date of this DVD Master Kanazawa was 73 years old. We filmed this in March 2005 and his birthday is in May.

Please enjoy watching one of the best in the world perform karate.

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