Lessons with the Master

In June 2007 I published my first book, Lessons with the Master.  The book details my three year stay in Japan training at Master Hirokazu Kanazawa's Headquarters Dojo in Tokyo.  I was extremely fortunate to spend so long studying at the Honbu Dojo and while there I took a detailed training diary of each of my 279 lessons.  The book includes each diary entry in addition to information on life in Japan, expected etiquette, training tips and teaching tips, as well as several appendices that offer additional resources and information.
Master Kanazawa very generously wrote a foreword to the book.  Here is what he wrote:

I am told that Paul Walker is going to publish his karate training dairy.

Apparently people who discover that he has trained for three years at the
SKIF Headquarters, Honbu dojo, continuously ask him "What is the Honbu dojo
like and how does Kanazawa-sensei teach there?"  Being asked this question
frequently, he has decided to open his diary to the public.  Finding this
out, I am very curious and eagerly anticipate reading his book.

I remember meeting Paul for the first time at the Honbu dojo in 1996.  My
first impression of him was very polite and faithful.  He did not let down
his first image; never missing a single training session and always practicing very
hard.  His warm personality radiated around the dojo and he was fondly welcomed by
all members, particularly the children.

Paul's dream was to open his own karate dojo.  For karate, he said he could
live anywhere, in any country.  Everyone at the dojo supported him and wished
him all the best upon his departure.

Last March, I visited Paul's dojo while I was in America.  I saw him
passionately teaching children.  His humble being had not altered from his
time in the Honbu dojo and he has become a great instructor.  I was also
filled with emotion when I saw his family.  Paul met his wife Erin in the Honbu and having since been gifted with a lovely daughter and son, they are now running the dojo together.

This book is a documentation written by Paul who had a dream and strived to
achieve his goal - I trust that all the readers will benefit greatly from
the wealth of information provided.  I wish to give my hearty recommendation.

Hirokazu Kanazawa, 10th Dan
President and Chief Instructor of Shotokan Karate International Federation
July 2005

For more information on the book please visit the book's website at http://www.lessonswiththemaster.com/.  There is a special offer available for a free download of the first few chapters as well as a book review by Sensei Glenn Stoddard, the current president of SKIF-USA, and other free content.
If you would like to purchase the book it is available from Amazon.com by clicking on the following link:
Lessons with the Master at Amazon.com.